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Don't Hide Keyword Lists

Another common trick that people use to trick the system is to have keywords where the text is the same color as the background. On a page with a white background this would look like:

<font color="white">pay per click,affiliate program,google adsense</font>

Or, if they're a bit more savvy, they might have this as a CSS style specification with an H1 header:

<h1 style='color:#fff'>pay per click,affiliate program,google adsense</h1>

Again, the idea is that as someone viewing this site, you wouldn't be aware of the keywords in this H1 tag because you wouldn't see the H1 at all: it'd be the same color as the background and would vanish. But Google would see it and rank these keywords even more highly on the page.

Right? Wrong. Google's algorithms are pretty savvy and particularly overt tricks like this are easily picked up and penalized.

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