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Planning and Implementation

Deploying a content management solution involves a great deal of planning beyond the content management solution itself. In addition to selecting the content management/distribution system that makes the most sense for your organization, you need to be certain that key systems don't get overlooked:

  • Content creation infrastructure. Does your organization currently have video production facilities? How is video content for your organization created: in-house? outside contractors? You need to carefully evaluate how your organization creates the content you're going to manage and distribute. The ingestion portion of your content management system must be compatible with the types of video assets you're currently producing, and that may mean changing some of the ways in which you produce content.

  • Network infrastructure. Email and FTP can be taxing on a network, but they pale in comparison to the demands of streaming or on-demand video. Before you design a grand system to deliver training videos directly to the desktop of everyone within your organization, take a good hard look at your network infrastructure to ensure that you have the bandwidth to handle projected usage and a clear plan for growth as demands increase.

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