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Searching for Video and Taking It with You on the Road

There is a lot of video out there. Just flicking through the hundreds of channels I get from my cable provider tells me that companies are making more video now than they ever have.

The trick is finding it and making sure that your customers find your video. Yahoo! and Google are now both experimenting with video search engines. They work by taking the transcripts for a program and linking the text in the transcript with the video segment. This allows you to search through and find the 30 seconds of "Desperate Housewives" you were looking for.

You need to make sure that your video can be indexed and searched by these new technologies. Your customers will soon be looking for you through Google and will not wait for your show to pop on to channel 96 at 6:30 in the evening.

When they find your show, they'll also want to take it and watch it where they want to.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are, once again, at loggerheads. Bill and the Microsoft clan are convinced that you'll want to take and watch video in your hand-held devices (like you do with music). Steve Jobs thinks that watching video on a one-inch screen is about as appealing as reading a book on your PDA.

Jobs may have a point, but what he is missing is the sudden increase in users who are taking video with them. This new generation (they are your kids) is brandishing JuiceBox and VideoNow video players. These systems are taking off like wildfire for teens.

The next step is to take TIVO-like systems and hook them together with personal video players—suddenly there is a new style of media. Mass media is gone; personalized media is here.

Video is changing rapidly. You must assume that personalized media systems such as TIVO and the like are here to stay and displace conventional schedule broadcasting.

Be prepared. Be very prepared.

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