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Customizing Page Content

There are two things to keep in mind as you build your book:

  • Any gray space can be filled in with a photo.
  • Any text can be replaced with custom text.

That said, your job is to place your photos in the book and customize the text that appears on the page so it makes sense for you.

To add a photo to a page, drag it from the row of photos at the top of the window into the gray box where you want it to appear (see Figure 7). For best results, try to match the shape of the photo—landscape or portrait orientation—to the shape of the box. The photo is sized to fit in the box, as shown in Figure 8. Repeat this process for all gray boxes in the book. Each time you drag a photo into a gray box, the photo is removed from the row at the top of the page. That prevents you from placing the same image twice.

Figure 7

Figure 7 To place a photo, simply drag it into position.

Figure 8

Figure 8 The photo appears, properly sized, in the frame where you dropped it.

You don't have to use all the images. If you want to add an image, just view the Library or another album and drag the desired image into the Source list. This adds it to the display of unplaced photos.

To change placeholder text, click the text to display an edit box around it and then type the new text, as shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9

Figure 9 Edit the text on a page by replacing the placeholder text.

To change the layout of the current page, choose an option from the Page Type pop-up menu (see Figure 10) and then choose an option from the Page Design pop-up menu (see Figure 11). The options available depend on the size of the book and the theme you selected when you created the book.

Figure 10

Figure 10 Choose the number of photos per page.

Figure 11

Figure 11 Choose the page layout based on the number of photos per page.

To add two more pages to the book, click the Add Page button. The pages are added after the current page.

That's all there is to it. Now take your time and get creative!

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