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Quick Layer fixes

Repairing over or underexposed images is one of the most useful fixes that you can perform using layers in Photoshop. In either case, begin by opening the photograph and duplicating the background layer. Next, choose the Multiply blend mode in the layer palette to fix an overexposed image. For an underexposed one, as shown in Figure 6, you should use the Screen blend mode . Depending on the image, you may need to repeat this process until you get the desired result. On the other hand, if the fix is too much, adjust the opacity of the top layer downwards to fine-tune the result.

Figure 6

Figure 6. This overexposed image has been saved by first creating a duplicate layer and then using the Multiply blend mode to add back some of the blown out highlights.

Coloring a black and white image with the goal of making it look hand-colored is easy using layers. First, make sure you're working in RGB mode by choosing ImageModeRGB Color. Now, add a new layer with LayerNewLayer and click OK. Using a soft edge paintbrush, color roughly over one part of the image. Repeat the process, adding another layer and coloring a different part of the image. When you're done, set the Layer blend mode of each layer to Color and reduce the layer opacity until you get a subtle colored effect. Any coloring "outside the lines" can be cleaned up using the Eraser on the affected layer.

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