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More interesting skies

Add more interest to your photos of landscapes, forests, and images that might have nicely shaped clouds in the sky, but which lack overall color. You can add color to your photos by selecting the highlights in your image by choosing SelectColor Range, selecting the Highlights option and clicking OK. Remove any area from the selection that you don't want to color and choose LayerNewLayer Via Copy to copy the selection to a new layer. Choose ImageAdjustmentsHue/Saturation and then click the Colorize checkbox. Drag the Hue slider to the desired color and adjust the Lightness and Saturation until you have an effect you like. Try clicking the background layer again and repeating the process once more this time selecting the image's Midtones and then again with the image's Shadows. You can tweak the opacity of the layers, and even the blend modes, if you want to fine-tune the effect.

With a few minutes work you can often turn a so-so photograph into one that you can really be proud of. None of these fixes is difficult or particularly time consuming to perform and you'll find the rewards are great. You will be amazed when you see just how different a portrait can look after you've cleaned up blemishes and adjusted the levels. Or breathe life back into dull landscapes and put back washed out colors so your photos look more like how you remember the scenes to be. It's empowering and it's fun.

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