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Printing Word Documents

Like other applications in the Office 2004 suite, Word offers a plethora of print options. The following step list covers the ones that you are most likely to use.

To print a Word document

  1. Open the Word document that you want to print.
  2. Optional: To print only part of the current document, select that text.
  3. Choose File > Print ( cmdp.gif ).

    The Print dialog box appears (Figure 3.36), open to the Copies & Pages section.


    Figure 3.36 Set options for the current print job in the Print dialog box.

  4. Select a connected printer from the Printer drop-down list.
  5. Specify the number of copies and range of pages to print.

    The Selection option for Pages is only available if you preselected part of the document in Step 2.

  6. Optional: To alter Page Setup options (paper size, orientation, and paper feed method), click the Page Setup button.

  7. Optional: To set Word-specific options, choose Microsoft Word from the drop-down menu. In the Microsoft Word section of the dialog box (Figure 3.37), choose an option from the Print What drop-down menu. If you're doing two-sided printing, you can also elect to print just the odd or even pages. Choose Copies & Pages from the drop-down menu to return to the main Print dialog box screen.

    Figure 3.37 Set Word-specific options, such as printing a document showing changes, in the Microsoft Word section of the Print dialog box.

  8. Turn the printer on, and then click the Print button.

    The print job is routed to the selected printer.

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