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Find Money with Google's AdSense for Search Program

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Want to provide a useful service on your site (and perhaps even make a bit of money from it)? In this second of a three-part series, veteran author and Web developer Eric Giguere tells you all about Google's AdSense search and how you can use it to make your Web site more profitable.
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Google's AdSense program actually consists of (so far) three separate advertising programs. The first article in this series focused on the main program, AdSense for content. In this installment, we look at the second program, AdSense for search, a great way for site owners to make money from search.

Google's Free Search Programs

Long before AdSense for search came along, Google offered three free search services for third-party websites. Known collectively as Google Free, these services still exist today:

  • Google Free web search for searching the Web using Google's standard search algorithms
  • Google Free SafeSearch for searching the Web using an index that excludes adult and other "unsafe" sites
  • Google Free web search with site search for searching either the Web or only the site's own pages

All three programs are accessed from the main Google Free page on the Google website. In fact, all three programs are almost identical in nature. You start by including the Google-supplied HTML code on one of our web pages. When the page is displayed, a simple search form is displayed. When the user submits the form, Google displays the search results. Very simple to implement.

For many sites, the site search program is a quick and easy way to provide site-specific search capabilities without installing any indexing software on the server. Of course, Google Free only searches pages found in the Google index, so if your sites' pages aren't indexed, the site-specific doesn't do you much good.

Note that to better integrate with your site, the colors of the Google Free results page can be chosen to match your site's color scheme.

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