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About the Cubase Metronome

Some projects, such as audio for video or live recordings, do not have a consistent tempo from start to finish. Most musical projects, though, work best when they reference a solid tempo. Assuming that you'll be recording in a more or less tempo-centric sequencing environment, a solid timing reference is critical for good performances. Cubase has a built-in metronome that you can configure to send an audio click over the master output. You can also configure Cubase to send a MIDI note to trigger a sound.

To use an audio click

  1. On the Transport bar, click the Click button ( Figure 3.2 ).

    Figure 3.2 You can activate the audio click on the Transport bar.

    If the audio click is active, the Transport bar will display On next to the Click button.

To use a MIDI note as a metronome

  1. From the Transport menu, choose Metronome Setup ( Figure 3.3 ).

    Figure 3.3 In this example, the MIDI metronome note will be sent to an output on a MIDI interface.

  2. In the Metronome Setup panel, uncheck Audio Click and configure the proper channel and note number for the MIDI device and sound you want to use for the metronome ( Figure 3.4 ).

    Figure 3.4 Choose Metronome Setup from the Transport menu to configure the metronome.

  3. Click OK.
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