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Copying a Loop Throughout a Project

If you use an audio loop as a timing reference when recording, the loop needs to be copied throughout the project. Unlike a metronome, which will click away regardless of the point where the project is playing, a loop has to be copied for as long as you will need it. Once you've mastered looping, you'll be able to record without ever hearing a metronome again.

To copy a loop throughout a song

  1. After the audio loop and project tempo are in sync, click the audio loop in the Project window and drag it to the start of the track ( Figure 3.19 ).

    Figure 3.19 The audio loop has been moved to the start of the project.

  2. With the loop selected, click the Edit menu and choose Repeat ( Figure 3.20 ).

    Figure 3.20 From the Edit menu, choose Repeat.

    The Repeat Events dialog box opens.
  3. Select the number of times that you want the loop to be repeated ( Figure 3.21 ); then click OK

    Figure 3.21 This setting will create 32 copies of the selected part.

    A short '60s pop tune will have roughly 80 measures, but most songs written today have significantly more than that. In the Project window, the part will be copied the number of times you have specified ( Figure 3.22 ).

    Figure 3.22 The part copied and repeated in the Project window

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