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Importing a Cubase Project

You may have upgraded from an earlier version of Cubase VST or Cubasis and may have gigabytes of music created with the older program. Luckily for you, Steinberg built into Cubase SX 2 the ability to import songs and existing projects from previous versions of Cubase VST, Cubasis, and Cubase SL. Unfortunately, not all of an older Cubase song will be imported. Check page 770 of the Cubase Operation Manual to see specifics about what parts of Cubase songs are imported and what parts are not.

To import a song created with an older version of Cubase

  1. Choose File > Import > Cubase Song ( Figure 3.23 ).

    Figure 3.23 Cubase songs can be imported into Cubase SX 2.

  2. In the Import Cubase Song dialog box that opens, navigate to the file to be imported. Cubase songs previously used the .all file extension. When you have located the file, click Open ( Figure 3.24 ).

    Figure 3.24 The old Cubase song to be imported.

    Cubase needs to create a new folder for the imported song. You use the same dialog box that opens for a new song to find the folder for the imported song.
  3. Locate the folder for the new song and click OK. Cubase converts the old song to an SX 2 project and moves the audio and MIDI files to the directory for the new song. It does not automatically save the song.
  4. To complete the import, choose File > Save ( Figure 3.25 ).

    Figure 3.25 Saving the imported song to the new location.

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