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3D Drop Back Logo

When the UPN TV network introduced their new logo, I just assumed they did it in a 3D program, but you can pretty much get the same effect (where it looks like the logo is dropping back, like a one-point perspective effect) from right within Photoshop, thanks to Photoshop's Free Transform Distort feature.

Step ONE. Open a new document in RGB mode. Click on the Foreground Color Swatch in the Toolbox and choose a bright red in the Color Picker (similar to the color shown here). Fill the background with this red color by pressing Option-Delete (PC: Alt-Backspace). Next, press “d” then “x” to set your Foreground color to white. Get the Type tool and create your type (the font shown here is Aurora Condensed from Bitstream).
Step TWO. Create a new blank layer by clicking on the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers palette. Press Shift-M until you get the Elliptical Marquee tool. Hold the Shift key and drag out a circular selection that's larger than your type (as shown here).
Step THREE. Go under the Edit menu and choose Stroke. When the Stroke dialog appears, choose 16 for your Width, set the Location to Center, make sure your stroke Color is set to white, and then click OK. This puts a white stroke around your circular selection.
Step FOUR. Press Command-D (PC: Control-D) to deselect. Merge your Type layer and your white circle layer into a single layer by going to the Layers palette and clicking in the second column of the Type layer to link them together (a tiny link icon will appear), and then pressing Command-E (PC: Control-E). Next, press Command-T (PC: Control-T) to bring up the Free Transform bounding box (shown here).
Step FIVE. Hold the Command key (PC: Control key), click on the top-left corner point of the Free Transform bounding box, and drag down and to the right (you're dragging diagonally inward), and the logo will tip back (as shown here).
Step SIX. Press Return (PC: Enter) to lock in your transformation and to complete the effect (as shown here).
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