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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

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Here are a few more advanced features of the Dock. You don't need to know these right away, so feel free to skip this page for now.

Hide the Dock: If you find that the Dock gets in your way, you can “hide” it. When hidden, the Dock slides down under the screen; when you shove your mouse down to the bottom of the screen, the Dock automatically slides up and stays there until you choose an item (or until you move the mouse higher). To hide the Dock, go to the Apple menu, choose “Dock,” then choose “Turn Hiding On.” Of course, to turn it off so the Dock is always visible, choose “Turn Hiding Off.”

Enlarge the Magnification: Go to the Apple menu, choose “Dock,” then choose “Dock Preferences….” If there is no checkmark in the tiny box next to “Magnification,” click in that box to check it. Then drag the little slider to the right. The farther to the right you drag the slider, the larger the icons will grow as you run your mouse over the Dock, as explained on page 31. Click the red button at the top-left of the window to put the preferences away.

Force quit: If an application you're working in stops working, like the mouse is stuck or the little colored wheel is spinning forever, then you might have to force the application to quit. To do that:

  1. Hold down the Option key and keep it held down while you do Step 2.
  2. Press (don't click) on the application icon in the Dock that's giving you trouble. This makes a menu pop up.
  3. The last command in the menu is “Force Quit” (because you have the Option key down; otherwise the command is “Quit”).
  4. Choose that command, “Force Quit.” That one application should quit and the rest of your computer should be just fine. Open the application and it should be good.


Use the Dock menu: All of the commands you used from the Apple menu are also right in the Dock. To pop up the menu, hold down the Control key (not the Command key) and click directly on the dividing line in the Dock. Try it.

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