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Basic Text

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Moving and Deleting Text

You can copy or move text from one place and then paste it into another. Text that is copied or cut is stored on the computer clipboard. (See the sidebar on this page for an explanation of how the clipboard works.)

To copy and paste text:

  1. Select the text or text frame 17.gif.


  2. Choose Edit > Copy or Cut.
  3. Position the insertion point where you want to put the copied or cut text 18.gif.


  4. Choose Edit > Paste. The text is inserted into the new position 19.gif.



    Choose Edit > Paste Without Formatting to paste the text so that its formatting (point size, typeface, style, etc.) matches the text it is being pasted into.

You can also use the mouse to drag text from one place to another. Drag-and-drop text can be set to be active in the Story Editor and/or the Layout View. (See page 530 to set the preference to control drag-and-drop text.)

To drag text from one place to another:

  1. Select the text so that it is highlighted within the frame.
  2. Position the cursor inside the highlighted text. The cursor changes to a curved arrow with the letter T next to it 20.gif.


  3. Press with the mouse and drag to the new position. An insertion point appears at the new location 21.gif.


  4. Release the mouse to move the text to the new position 22.gif.


The Duplicate command copies and pastes in one step. It also leaves the contents of the clipboard untouched.

To duplicate text:

  1. Select the text or text frame.
  2. Choose Edit > Duplicate. The copied text is duplicated as follows:
    • A text frame is created slightly offset from the original object.
    • Text inside a frame is pasted immediately following the original text.
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