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Setting the Typeface and Point Size

The design of type is called the typeface. The typeface you are reading now is called Minion. The typeface of the subhead below is called Futura Condensed Bold.

To choose a font (typeface):

  1. Choose Type > Font and then choose the typeface from the font menu. The font menu can be set to preview the typefaces (see page 529).


    In the Character palette, choose a typeface from the font menu 25.gif.


  2. If necessary, choose the styling for the font from the style menu next to the name of the font.


    Use the style list in the Character palette to choose the styling 26.gif.


The size of type is measured using a system called points. There are 72 points per inch. The point size of this text is 10.25.

To change the point size:

  • Choose Type > Size and then choose a point size from the list 27.gif.



    Use the point size field controls to enter a custom point size.

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