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Setting Line and Character Spacing

Leading is the space between lines of type within a paragraph 33.gif. (It is pronounced led-ding, which refers to the metal formerly used to set type.) Leading is specified as an absolute point size or as auto leading. The leading of this paragraph is 10.75 points.


To set the leading:

  1. Select the paragraph of text.
  2. Use the leading controls in the Character palette to enter an amount of leading 34.gif.



    Set the leading to Auto to have the leading automatically change to an amount based on the point size.

Kerning is the space between two letters. It is applied so letters fit snugly together 35.gif.


To set kerning:

  1. Select the text you want to kern, or place an insertion point between the letters.
  2. To use the kerning pairs in the typeface, choose Metrics from the kerning list 36.gif.



    Choose Optical to adjust the kerning using a visual representation of the text.

  3. To apply a specific kerning amount, use the kerning controls or pop-up menu to apply a numerical amount.

Tracking is similar to kerning; however, unlike kerning, which applies to letter pairs, tracking is applied to a range of letters 37.gif. Tracking is very useful, because as you increase the space between the letters, you don’t lose the relative spacing that is applied by kerning.


To set tracking:

  1. Select the text you want to track.
  2. Use the tracking field controls in the Character palette to set the amount of tracking 38.gif.


Baseline shift moves text up or down from the baseline, or the imaginary line that the letters sit on. Baseline shift is often applied to shift bullets or parentheses so they sit better next to text. It can also be used for special effects in display or headline text 39.gif.


To set the baseline shift:

  1. Select the text that you want to reposition.
  2. Use the baseline shift controls in the Character palette to move the text away from the baseline 40.gif.


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