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Customizing Your Interface Display

Interface settings enable you to control the labels, tool tips, color, shading, and styles of Xpress Pro's buttons and window elements ( Figure 3.27 ).


Figure 3.27 Xpress Pro includes six default Interface settings that you can use as templates for your own custom versions.

The Settings tab provides six default Interface setting options, but you can also create different color options for different tasks—a color scheme for editing, a color scheme for effects work, and so on—or even for your different moods, using the Appearance tab of the Interface settings dialog. Table 3.1 summarizes the options on the Appearance tab.

Table 3.1. Appearance Options


Sets the color for the general background of windows.


Sets the color for buttons.

Button Contents

Sets the color for the graphic symbols that appear on top of buttons.

Button Highlight

Sets the color of buttons when you select them.

Button Spotlight

Sets the background color of buttons that appear when the cursor passes over them.


Sets the color of text in windows, toolbars, and tool tips.

Timeline Background

Sets the colors of the Timeline's top and bottom toolbars.

Timeline V Tracks

Sets the color of all video clips edited into the Timeline.

Timeline A Tracks

Sets the color of all audio clips edited into the Timeline.

Timeline TC Tracks

Sets the color of timecode tracks in the Timeline.

Project Background

Sets the color of the Project window's background.

Bin Default Background

Sets the background color for newly created bins.

Shading Style

Sets the shading style for buttons and other shaded interface elements. The options are Convex, Dim Radial, Convex Radial, and Bright Radial.

Shading Depth

Sets the depth of the shading set. You can choose a depth in the range 5 to 50 percent.

Monitor Button Separation

Sets the amount of space between your buttons in the Tool palette, Composer, pop-up windows, and elsewhere. The choices are Maximum, Moderate, and None. If you choose None, there will be no spacing or vertical separator lines between buttons.

Timeline Button Separation

Sets the amount of space between buttons on the Timeline. The choices are Maximum, Moderate, and None.

Button Style

Sets the shape of buttons. The choices are Oval, Octagonal, Rounded, Square, Swoosh, and Antique.

To customize the color of an interface element:

  1. On the Settings tab of the Project window, double-click an Interface setting. In the Interface dialog box, select the Appearance tab.
  2. Click the color box to the left of the element you want to change, to open the Xpress Pro color palette.
  3. Select a color from the color palette ( Figure 3.28 ).

    Figure 3.28 Click a rectangular color swatch on the left of the Appearance tab and pick a new color from the color swatch palette.

  4. Click Apply to preview the result. If you're satisfied, click OK. Xpress Pro applies the new color choice throughout the interface.
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