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Saving and Backing Up Your Work

One Xpress Pro project can often represent days or even months of careful editing. Xpress Pro has several options for saving the latest versions of your project file and bins to protect all your work from inadvertent computer catastrophe.

  • When you quit Xpress Pro, the application automatically saves your project in the Avid Projects folder.
  • You can manually save your bins (and anything they contain) at any time.
  • While you edit, the Auto-Save feature saves your bins at regular intervals in the Avid Attic folder, which contains all folders and bins for each of your projects.

To configure your Auto-Save settings:

  1. On the Settings tab of the Project window, open your Bin settings.
  2. Modify any of the following settings:
    • Auto-Save Interval: In the Bin settings dialog box, type a number of minutes to tell Xpress Pro how often to save your project.
    • Inactivity Period: Enter the number of seconds that you want Xpress Pro to wait after your system becomes inactive before it begins saving. The default value is 0. If you set a value here, Xpress Pro waits for a pause in editing to save your project so it does not interrupt your work.
    • Force Auto-Save At: You can specify an interval at which Xpress Pro will forcibly autosave regardless of whether you're in the middle of editing.
    • Maximum Files in a Project's Attic: Specify the number of files to be placed in the Attic folder. Xpress Pro will keep only this number of files in the Attic and discard older files when newer files are saved in the Attic folder.
    • Max Versions of a File in the Attic: Specify the number of versions of the same file to be kept in the Attic. Xpress Pro will keep only a designated number of versions of a file in the Attic.
  3. Click OK ( Figure 3.31 ).

    Figure 3.31 As long as you tell Xpress Pro to keep a high number of older files in the Attic, such as 25 or more, you'll be able to travel far back in time if things go wrong.

    Xpress Pro will now automatically save your project and all of its bins and information according to the settings you specified.

To save all bins manually:

  1. Click the Project window but do not highlight any bins.
  2. Choose File > Save All. Xpress Pro saves the most current version of all of your bins in your project folder.

To save selected bins manually:

  1. In the Project window, select a bin. Ctrl+click (Windows) or Command+click (Mac) any other bins that you want to save.
  2. Choose File > Save All ( Figure 3.32 ).

    Figure 3.32 Here, three bins are selected; choose Save All to save them manually.

    Xpress Pro saves the information contained in the selected bins.
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