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Lesson Review

  1. It’s always helpful to talk with your sound recordist, but in one situation it’s vital. When is that?
  2. What are the two types of timecode called?
  3. Describe a simple and effective way to keep your media structure organized.
  4. What makes using markers so handy?
  5. When can you reconnect media during the editing process?
  6. Technically, what are you doing when you reconnect clips in your project?
  7. Where is the file path of a connected clip stored?


  1. If your sound is delivered on a medium separate from the picture tapes, you must discuss the original sound recording settings.
  2. Source and sequence.
  3. Creating separate folders for materials that are not captured via tape, such as music and graphics.
  4. It’s an effective way to sync video and audio and to break down long clips.
  5. Whenever you want to.
  6. You are establishing a relationship between the clip in the Browser and the media file located on your drive.
  7. In the clip’s Source property.
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