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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Lesson Review

  1. How do you mask an operation?
  2. Define animation.
  3. What is a vignette?
  4. Describe some of the capabilities of the FilmGrain node.
  5. What is the technical term that indicates that a setting has reached its perfect mark?


  1. You can apply a mask to any operation by dragging the output of a node to the right side of a second node. That node will process only within the white areas of the channel you specify.
  2. Animation is the process of setting values at various frames, or keyframes.
  3. A vignette, or soft fade, is a popular photographic effect in which the photo gradually darkens around the edges, usually in an oval shape.
  4. With the FilmGrain node, you may apply grain from a preset film stock, match grain to an existing plate, or set your own grain by adjusting sliders.
  5. Woof!
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