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Spell Check Your Document

The spell checker tool in Flash allows you to check your spelling in all text in a FLA file. Cleaning up the spelling in a FLA file before you publish it for the world to see is a great habit to adopt. The spell check feature in Flash allows you to have a lot of control over how the FLA file is checked. You can check the spelling of all text fields and even layer names or ActionScript. Now that you have added a lot of text to the FLA file, you should spell check the text you added.

  1. Use the Spelling Setup dialog box to select your settings.

    If you haven’t used the spell check feature yet, select Text > Spelling Setup. You need to open this dialog box before you can use the spell check for the first time. Even if the Spelling Setup has already been run, open the dialog box and explore the settings available. Notice that you can control what text is spell checked in the FLA file under the Document heading. The options under Checking Options allow you to decide what kinds of words and changes are included or omitted in the spell check. In the Spelling Setup dialog box, check off the selections seen in the following figure before getting started.

    Make any additional selections if desired. All the options are quite self-explanatory, and tooltips explain what each option does, as shown in the previous figure. Remember that you can change these settings at any time.

  2. Check the document’s spelling using the Check Spelling dialog box.

    Select Text > Check Spelling to open the Check Spelling dialog box and start the spell checker. Currently, it is set to check the spelling of all text fields in the FLA file. If a word is correct but is not recognized by the spell check dictionary, you can click Ignore to ignore the word or you can add it to your personal dictionary by clicking the Add to Personal button.

    An alert pops up when the spell check is complete. Click OK to exit the Check Spelling feature.

  3. Save your work as bookstore7.fla.

    Save the new version in the TechBookstore folder on your hard drive. If you want to look at the completed file for this lesson, open bookstore7.fla, which can be found in the lesson03/complete folder on the CD-ROM.

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