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Using Quotas to Keep Users From Storing Too Much Stuff

You can assign users storage quotas for their home directories. After they reach the storage quota, they cannot store any additional data in their home directory without deleting existing files or requesting a larger quota from an administrator. You assign storage quotas using the Disk Quota field in the Home tab. A pop-up menu allows you to designate the number you enter as being either MB or GB.

The storage quota actually applies to how much data users can store on the volume or partition that contains their home directory, not how much they can store in the directory itself. Thus, it is important to place home directories on share points that are actually the root level of a volume (hard drive or partition or RAID array) and to not use that volume for anything other than home directories. If quotas are enabled and other share points are stored on the same volume, anything a user stores in those share points will count against the storage quota.

Also, you need to enable storage quotas for the volume where the home directory share point is stored. To do this select the volume using the All tab in the Sharing panel of Workgroup Manager and check the Enable Disk Quotas On This Volume checkbox. Checking it must be done regardless of whether you intend to use the entire volume as a share point, as I would suggest, or a folder located on the volume.

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