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Now That the Server’s Ready to Share, Create Some Share Points

After the AFP service is configured and running, you need to configure share points. Share points (which are sometimes called mounts, shared folders, shared drives, network drives, or shares) are items that are accessible to a server’s file system and are shared over the network. Share points can be hard drives, partitions, CDs or DVDs, removable media, or folders.

Most commonly, you will use folders to create share points, not entire drives or partitions. You should also very rarely use removable disks such as CDs or DVDs simply because they are removable and because their performance is far below that of a hard drive or disk array. If you need to share data on a removable disk, the ideal method is to copy it to a folder on the hard drive and then share that folder.

To create a share point, launch Workgroup Manager and connect to the server in which you will be creating the share point. Click the Sharing button in the toolbar at the top of the Workgroup Manager window. On the left side of the screen (as shown in Figure 2), you will see tabs for Share Points, which lists any existing share points created on the server, and All, which displays the entire file system for the server including all volumes (hard drives, partitions, disk arrays, CDs/DVDs, and so on) and all folders within those volumes. Both tabs function like the column view in a Mac OS X Finder window, allowing you to navigate to and select any items in the server’s file structure.

To create a new share point, select the All tab and navigate to the item you want to use to make into a share point. In the right pane of the window, check the Share This Item And Its Contents checkbox. Click the Save button on the lower right of the window. This process turns the selected item into a share point and lists it in the Share Points tab. After a share point is created, you can use the three tabs in the right pane to control how the share point behaves and who can access it. To remove a share point, uncheck the Share This Item And Its Contents box and click Save. This process removes the share point, but does not remove the actual item (folder or volume) or any of its contents from the server’s file system.

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