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Making Share Points Behave

After you have created a share point, you can specify AFP settings regarding it by using the Protocols tab in the right pane of Workgroup Manager (see Figure 3). This tab also enables you to specify settings for other file service types such as SMB for Windows users or Unix NFS mounts. To set AFP options, make sure that Apple File Settings is selected in the pop-up menu on the Protocols tab. You can enable or disable AFP access to the share using the Share This Item Using AFP checkbox and enable or disable Guest user access using the Allow AFP Guest Access checkbox. You can also assign a custom AFP name to the share point. By default, this name is set to the folder or volume that you used to create the share point. If you set a custom name, that name will be displayed in the server connection dialog boxes on client workstations, but not in the Share Points tab in Workgroup Manager (which will continue to display the original folder or volume name). You can also choose how permissions are assigned to new folders created within the share point.

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