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Receiving Updates from a Photocast

iPhoto will query the RSS feeds of each photocast that you subscribe to on a regular basis to see whether there have been any updates. If there are updates, then iPhoto will update the photocast album accordingly. You can choose how frequently iPhoto checks for updates to your subscribed photocasts using the Photocast pane in the iPhoto preferences.

Using the Check For New Photos drop-down menu, you can have iPhoto check for updates once every hour, day, or week (the default is week, as shown in Figure 9). You can also choose to check for updates manually, in which case iPhoto will never check for updates unless you tell it to.

Figure 09

Figure 9 Setting the photocast options in the iPhoto preferences

To check for updates manually, click the update icon next to the photocast name in the source pane. You can check for updates manually at any time, even if you have set the photocast preferences to check on a regular basis.

To unsubscribe from a photocast in iPhoto, simply select the photocast album in the Source pane and click Delete on the keyboard (as you would do to delete any other album). iPhoto will prompt you to make sure that you want to unsubscribe from the photocast and will offer you the option to transfer the pictures currently in the photocast into your iPhoto library for later use.

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