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Creating the Swiss Storyboard Using the Graphical Tab

In DVD Studio Pro, the most convenient way to create your storyboard is by using the Graphical view. (In fact, you’ll be using the Graphical view throughout this book for various projects.) You can even print the contents of the Graphical tab, or save it as a PDF file, so that you can present the project’s structure to your clients and collaborators.

Let’s go ahead now and use the Graphical tab to generate the storyboard for the Swiss Tourism project. Our DVD will contain one video track (including markers), one audio track, and a slideshow. The video track will contain markers that can be accessed by the remote control’s Next Chapter and Previous Chapter buttons, or by a submenu that contains buttons linked to each chapter. You’ll need the following elements for this project:

  • An intro menu
  • A main menu
  • A chapter index menu
  • A video track
  • A slideshow
  1. If it is not open already, launch DVD Studio Pro by double-clicking the DVD Studio Pro icon in your Dock or Applications folder.
  2. Change to Extended view by pressing F2.
  3. Click the Graphical tab to activate the Graphical view.

    Menu 1 and Track 1 are already there in the Graphical View.

  4. Select Menu 1 and rename it SwissIntroMenu. This will be an intro menu that transitions to the main menu.
  5. Click Add Menu in your toolbar and name the new menu SwissMainMenu.

    This will be the main menu, with button links to the chapter index submenu, the video track, and the slideshow.

  6. Click Add Menu in your toolbar again to add another menu, and name it ChapterIndexMenu. This will be the chapter index submenu.
  7. Select Track 1 and name it SwissMovie. This will be the video track.
  8. Click Add Slideshow in your toolbar and name the new slideshow Swiss Slideshow. This will be the slideshow.

    At this point, you have set up the basic structure of your Swiss DVD.

    In order to connect all your elements with arrows indicating how the menus will function, you would need to create all the buttons and connections with the appropriate links. That is beyond the scope of this lesson. For now, you’ve achieved a basic overview of your project. It’s a lot easier to print the Graphical tab and use a pencil to sketch the desired navigation in your storyboard.

  9. Choose File > Print Graphical View.

    If you don’t have a printer connected when the print dialog opens there are options that will allow you to “print” the file as a PDF, which you can open in Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat.

  10. Choose File > Save to save your project. Save your project as Swiss_DVD, and place it in the My_Projects folder that you copied to your hard drive in the Getting Started chapter. Click Save.

    If you didn’t create a My_Projects folder, create one now and put it at the same level as your Lessons and Media folders. See “Introduction: Getting Started” for more details.

  11. In the Outline Tab, click the Disc icon.

    As you can see, the disc is automatically named SWISS_DVD. This name is also updated in the Disc Inspector.

    Once you output your DVD, this name will appear on it. For example, when you place the disc in the DVD-ROM drive of a computer, the name of the disc that appears on the Desktop will be SWISS_DVD.

  12. To complete your storyboard, use a pencil to draw the desired connections on your printout of the Graphical tab. Use the image below as a guide. Notice that the main menu connects to all three of the submenus, and the chapter index menu provides an additional connection to the video track. Notice also that each submenu connects back to the main menu.

    This step helps tremendously to give you a feeling for how a DVD works. Each element in your DVD project needs to be linked to another element. For example, if an element, such as a track, does not have an end jump link (an assigned element that the user returns to when the current item finishes playing), it will freeze on the last frame played. If you want to get back to the menu, the only way to achieve this would be by clicking the Menu button on the remote control.

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