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Setting DVD Studio Pro Preferences

Before beginning a DVD project, you may need to modify the default settings of DVD Studio Pro to meet the requirements of your project. In the following exercise, you will open up the Preferences window and learn about the most essential preferences in DVD Studio Pro. Because the Swiss project is in PAL, you will also change the default encoding setting from NTSC to PAL.

  1. Choose DVD Studio Pro > Preferences.

    The Preferences pane opens. This pane lists preferences that apply to the overall DVD project.

    The Preferences window lists several panes, each containing settings for specific areas of DVD Studio Pro.

  2. Click the Menu icon to view an example of a Preferences pane.

    By clicking the Menu icon, you can access the preferences for menus. The default Motion Duration for any motion elements in your menu is 30 seconds. Buttons are automatically assigned from left to right. The default for Final Rendering is your graphics card (this is “Hardware based”). You can also choose the Drop Palette Delay and the Video Background Color for your menu.

  3. Click the Project icon. Select the Pal button.

    Because this project is PAL, it is important to let DVD Studio Pro know that all assets used in the project will be PAL assets.

    Although the settings you define in the Preferences window apply to all of the projects that you create, you can override most of the settings for individual projects. For example, you may use the Inspector window to change settings for elements of the project you are currently working on, while the more global preferences you set in the Preferences window remain the same. (Remember to set your preferences back to NTSC when you’ve finished working in PAL.)

  4. Click OK.
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