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Setting Up Disc Properties

Now that you have learned how to get around in the DVD Studio Pro workspace and how to adjust your preferences, you can begin to assemble a simple DVD project. Putting together a simple DVD will introduce you to methods for working in the application. You will see how easy it is to create a working DVD title in DVD Studio Pro with one video track and an associated audio track.

The first step is to set up disc properties, including the navigation on the remote control.

  1. Change to Extended view by pressing F2.
  2. At the top of the Outline tab, click once on the disc icon to select it.
  3. Go to the Inspector window, which will display the name “Disc” in its window title bar. The Inspector window displays only properties for the currently selected project element.

    The Inspector window appears in the lower right of the screen.

    If the Inspector window does not display global properties for your disc, and “Disc” does not appear in its title bar, click once on the disc icon at the top of the Outline tab (in the upper-left corner of the screen).

  4. Near the top of the Inspector window, click the PAL radio button.

Setting the Remote Control

By default, DVD Studio Pro sets the Menu button on the remote control to Menu 1. Menu 1 is now SwissIntroMenu, as you renamed this menu at the beginning of the lesson. Since you are using the SwissMovie track only in this exercise, you should set the remote control Title and Menu buttons to go to the SwissMovie track.

  1. Click the Title pop-up menu, and choose Tracks and Stories > SwissMovie > [Track].
  2. Click the Menu pop-up menu and again choose the SwissMovie track.

    Now if the user presses the Menu or Title buttons on his or her remote, the SwissMovie track will start playing again.

Setting the First-Play Action

The first-play action is used to specify what is displayed when the disc starts playing for the first time after it is inserted into a DVD player. Since the first play is automatically set to Menu 1 when you begin a project, you will need to change this assignment to suit the project you have created. In the following exercise, you will change this property to SwissMovie in the Inspector window for the disc.

  1. At the top of the Outline tab, click once on the SWISS_DVD disc icon to select it, and then go to the Disc Inspector window.
  2. At the top of the Disc Inspector window, locate the First Play pop-up menu and choose Tracks and Stories > SwissMovie > [Track].

    You have now changed the First Play option from Menu 1 to SwissMovie. If a user puts the disc into his or her DVD player or DVD-ROM drive, the SwissMovie will play automatically.

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