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Viewing Artwork

Any graphics or video associated with an item appear in the Artwork pane. (Artwork comes with most songs you purchase at the iTunes Music Store; we'll also show you how you can add your own artwork to songs in Chapter 8.) You can do more than just stare at that little pane, however.

Ways to hide or show the Artwork pane:

  1. Click the rightmost of the buttons at the bottom left of the iTunes window ( Figure 3.33 ).

    Figure 3.33 The iTunes Artwork pane is visible by default. If you find it distracting, simply click it to hide it.

  2. From the Edit menu, choose Hide Artwork or Show Artwork.

To show the image at full resolution:

  1. Click the image in the Artwork pane. The full-resolution version opens in a separate window ( Figure 3.34 ).

    Figure 3.34 When you click a graphic in the Artwork pane, it opens in its own window at full resolution.

To switch between artwork for the selected song and for the playing song:

  1. Click the bar above the Artwork pane. The text on the bar tells you whether you are looking at the artwork for the selected song (refer to Figure 3.33) or for the currently playing song ( Figure 3.35 ).

    Figure 3.35 Clicking the bar at the top of the Artwork pane switches the artwork between that for the playing song and that for the selected song. (Notice that the bar in Figure 3.33 says "Selected Song.")

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