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Using iWeb to Make Great Homepages in Minutes

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You've heard that Apple's iWeb is easy to use, and you've seen some great examples of iWeb sites. But can you really create those great sites in half an hour, even if you don't know anything about HTML and have never tried designed a Web page? Yes, you can. Ryan Faas takes you through the process step by step.
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Like this article? We recommend

iWeb is the newest addition to the Apple iLife application suite and it is one of the easiest-to-use consumer Web site tools available. You can create great-looking Web pages very quickly. If you want to start a personal Web site, blog, or online photo album quickly and easily, iWeb is the tool to use. And this article is all about how to get started with iWeb and create a site in less than half an hour.

Choosing Your Template

The first time you launch iWeb, it begins by asking you to select a template for your new Web site. It also asks this any time you create an additional page or blog (by selecting New Page from the File menu or typing the Apple-N key combination). You can choose from among 36 templates in all, spread across 12 themes. Each theme contains templates for the same six types of pages: Welcome, About Me, Photo Album, Movie, Blog, and Podcast. You can browse through the themes in the left pane of the New Page dialog box and see thumbnails of each page type in the right pane (see Figure 1). To select a template, first choose the theme and then select the thumbnail of the page type and press Choose. When you create a new page, it is automatically added to the Navigation Menu displayed at the top of each page in your site.

Figure 1

Figure 1 iWeb New Page/Template Selection dialog box

One tip to keep in mind is that the names of the page types don’t always need to conform to what you put on the page. For example, the Welcome and About Me templates can be used to simply create additional pages. The Welcome page templates are actually very good for creating a page that will contain mostly text.

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