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Like this article? We recommend

Editing the Podcast Episode Page and Publishing

The episode title and description that you entered in GarageBand are automatically placed on the episode page (and the main podcast page) instead of Apple’s filler text. However, you might want to edit the page further if you don’t like the generic look of the template. Likewise, you might want to edit the podcast main and archive pages.

You should also change the page name and some related information. You do this as you would any page in iWeb, clicking the text boxes for podcast page name and description and changing the contents. You should also replace the stock photo that is displayed on the podcast page with something more reflective of your podcast. You can also change the name of the page that is displayed in your site and whether it is included in the navigation menu for your site by using the Page tab in iWeb’s Inspector pallet.

Finally, you should edit the podcast main page using the Podcast tab in the Inspector to include information about the podcast as a whole. This tab is located on the tab that has the RSS icon, as shown in Figure 9. Here you can enter the series artist (which might vary from the episode artist that you entered in GarageBand) a contact email address, and a parental advisory. Parental advisories can be placed for a podcast overall or to a specific episode. You can also choose whether the podcast can be added to the iTunes Music Store Podcast Directory.

Figure 9

Figure 9 Editing a podcast’s description using the Inspector’s Podcast tab

After you finish editing the podcast pages in iWeb, you’re ready to publish the podcast. Again, this is the same as publishing your site in iWeb. Just click Publish and your podcast will be published along with any other pages you’ve created or updated.

After you publish your podcast, select Submit Podcast To iTunes from the File menu to submit your podcast for inclusion in the iTunes Music Store podcast direcory. You need to do this only the first time you publish your podcast. If you don’t want to have your podcast included in the iTunes directory, you can skip this step.

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