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Tackling manual analog movie capture

If you need to transfer analog video—consumer-level VHS, SVHS, Hi-8, or professional-grade video such as Beta-SP—you need a video capture card with analog inputs. Most such cards have consumer-quality composite connectors as well as S-video and sometimes top-of-the-line component plugs.

Check your card’s documentation for set-up and compatibility issues.

With analog video, you have only one capture option — to do it manually:

  1. Open the Capture panel (File > Capture).
  2. Use the controls on the camcorder to move the videotape to a point several seconds before the frame you want to begin capturing.
  3. Press the Play button on the camcorder, then click the red Record button in the Capture panel.
  4. When your clip has been captured, click the Stop button in the Capture panel and on the camcorder. Your clip will show up in the Project panel.
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