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Working in Edit View

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Combining Audio Clips in Edit View

You can combine two or more clips in the Edit View using the Append Command. For example, you can add a drum roll at the end of the loop.

  1. If the last clip you worked on, ZildjianSizzle_edited.cel, is not already displayed, double-click on the file name in the Files panel to view the waveform. If you exited Audition after the last exercise, you will need to re-import the ZildjianSizzle_edited.cel file into the Files panel.
  2. Choose File > Open Append. The Open Append window appears. Select the file KickSnareEnding01(mono).cel from the AA_03 folder on your hard disk.
  3. Inside the Open Append window, be certain that the Show File Information check box is checked. Along with other statistics, the file information indicates that this file is monaural, as it only has one channel. The file to which we are appending this mono file is a stereo file, with two channels. Audition will automatically convert the mono file to stereo.
  4. Click the Append button and the kick snare is added to the end of the cymbal crash. Press the Home key and then press the spacebar to hear the new audio clip. You should be able to hear a difference between the stereo effect of the cymbal crash and the kick snare ending.

    The kick snare may have come from a separate recording and does not have the same stereo presence as the cymbal crash. You will add a Reverb effect to the kick snare to make it sound more spacious and make it more compatible with the cymbal crash.

  5. When you appended the KicksnareEnding01(mono).cel file to the cymbal crash file, Audition added a marker in the display window, marking the insertion point of the file. The marker is red in color and uses the title of the inserted file. Markers offer an excellent way to separate sections of a single waveform. You will work extensively with markers in Lesson 5, “Working with Loops and Waves.”
  6. If the Show Markers button (showmarkers_button.jpg) at the bottom of the Files panel is not already selected, click it now. A small plus sign appears to the left of the file ZildjianSizzle_ edited.cel. Click on this plus sign (+), and the file name expands and the marker KickSnareEnding01(mono) is displayed as a sublevel.
  7. Double-click on the marker name KickSnareEnding(mono), and note the section of the waveform matching the original KickSnareEnding01 is automatically highlighted.
  8. Press the spacebar to hear the kick snare. Click the Effects tab to bring the Effects panel in front of the Files panel, and then click the plus sign (+) next to Delay Effects. Double-click the Studio Reverb effect to open the Studio Reverb window.
  9. Be sure that the Preroll/Postroll Preview check box, located at the bottom left of the window, is checked. From the available list of presets, choose Room Ambience 1 and press the Preview Play button. You should hear the kick drum sound with the Studio Reverb added as it loops over and over. To hear the original sound, click the Power button (power_button.jpg) to turn it off. Click again to turn it back on and hear the Studio Reverb effect again.
  10. Click OK to apply the effect. Press the Home key to place the start-time indicator at the beginning of the clip and then press the spacebar to hear the changes. The new clip begins with the sound of a cymbal crash and ends with the sound of a snare drum.
  11. Choose File > Save.
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