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Working in Edit View

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Review Questions

  1. How do you make a new copy of a file in the Edit View? Why is this something you would want to do?
  2. What is the Preroll and Postroll Preview, and where are the options for changing them?
  3. What are markers?

Review Answers

  1. To make a copy of a file, it must be loaded into the Edit View display window and then copied by choosing Edit > Copy to New. Creating copies of your original files is useful when you want to preserve the original sound file or create multiple versions from the same source.
  2. When you apply an effect to a selection, you often need to hear the original sound before and after the selection takes place. The Preroll and Postroll Preview provides additional preview of the waveform before and after your current selection. It can be enabled when you add an effect or, alternatively, when you press the Play from Cursor to End of File or Play from Cursor to End of View buttons in the Edit View. To change the Preroll and/or Postroll options of the Play buttons, right-click the button and choose the desired command from the menu.
  3. Markers represent a specific point, or a range with a specific starting and ending point, within a waveform. Efficient use of markers can considerably speed up the editing and navigation process.
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