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Customizing the Timeline Display

The Timeline display options you specify on the Timeline Options tab in the User Preferences window will become the default display settings for subsequent new projects and sequences. If you want to modify the Timeline display options for an existing sequence, you will need to make the change in the Sequence Settings window for that sequence. See "Changing the Settings of an Existing Sequence" in Chapter 4.

To customize your default Timeline display settings:

  1. Choose Final Cut Express > User Preferences.
  2. Click the Timeline Options tab. On the Timeline Options tab ( Figure 3.8 ), you can modify the default settings for any of the following:
    • Track Size: Choose a setting to specify a default track size.

      Figure 3.8 Customize your default Timeline display options on the User Preference window's Timeline Options tab.

    • Thumbnail Display: Select one of three thumbnail display options:
      • Name: Choose Name to display just the name of the clip.
      • Name Plus Thumbnail: Choose this option to display the first frame of every clip as a thumbnail image, along with the name of the clip.
      • Filmstrip: Choose Filmstrip to display as many thumbnail images as possible for the current zoom level of the Timeline.
    • Track Display: Check the boxes next to the Timeline features you want to display by default in new sequences.
      • Show Keyframe Overlays: Display opacity keyframe overlays on video clips and audio level keyframe overlays on audio clips in the Timeline.
      • Show Audio Waveforms: Display audio waveforms on audio clips in the Timeline.
    • Default Number of Tracks: Specify the number of video and audio tracks to be included in a new sequence.
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