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Specifying Render Control Settings

Render Control tab settings affect the image quality of rendered material in your sequence. You can selectively disable noncritical aspects of render processing that improve image quality but slow your work. Low-resolution/limited-frame-rate rendering is much faster than a high-resolution render process; your Render Control tab settings allow you to control the balance between the quality of the render file and the speed of the rendering process. These Render Control tab settings apply during all FCE operations, including real-time playback, rendering, video output, and QuickTime output, so be sure to specify full-quality rendering before your final output.

The settings you define in this window become the default render quality settings for subsequent new projects and sequences. If you want to modify Render Control settings for an existing sequence, you will need to make the change in the Sequence Settings window for that sequence. See "Changing the Settings of an Existing Sequence" in Chapter 4.

To customize your default Render Control settings:

  1. Choose Final Cut Express > User Preferences.
  2. Click the Render Control tab. On the tab ( Figure 3.9 ), modify the default settings for any of the following; then click OK: Render & Playback options:
    • Filters: Check this box to include filters when rendering. Filters will be applied only to clips you have specified. Excluding filters from a render quality setting is another way to speed up rendering.
    • Frame Blending for Speed: Check this box to enable any motion-smoothing effects you have previously applied to speed-modified clips.
    • Motion Blur: Check this box to include motion blur when rendering. Motion blur will be applied only to clips you have specified. Excluding motion blur from a render quality setting will speed up rendering.

      Figure 3.9 The Render Control tab of the User Preferences window.

    Render options:
    • Frame Rate: Set the frame rate for the render quality to 25%, 33% 50%, or 100% of the sequence editing timebase.
    • Resolution: Select an option from this pop-up menu to set the resolution (frame size) for the render quality to 25%, 33% 50%, or 100% of the resolution set for the sequence.
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