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Add a Graphic

Later in this book we spend quite a bit of time on how to make graphics that will work properly on the web. For now, see if you can find a GIF or a JPEG file in the samples that came with your web authoring software (they will be labeled something like “image.gif” or “image.jpg”). If you do, you can add it to the web page. If not, just read the following simple directions and know that when you get your graphics it will be this easy.

  • One very important rule about graphics is that the graphic file must be in your web site folder before you put it on the page!

    We’ll talk about why this is so important later; for right now, get in the habit of putting the graphics into your web site folder before you place them on your page. (In more sophisticated [and expensive] editing programs, you don’t have to be so careful with this, but for now, follow this guideline.)

  • Find the toolbar button or the menu command that says something like “Place Image,” “Insert Image,” or anything similar. Click the button or choose the menu command.
  • From your web site folder select the graphic that you want on the page. Click OK.

Easy, huh? Save your page.

In many applications, you can drag the image from your web site folder and drop it on the page. Try it.

Take a look at the code you didn’t have to write: Find the menu command for “Source code,” “Edit code,” or something similar. Aren’t you glad you didn’t have to write that?

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