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Cropping Without the Crop Tool

Sometimes, it's quicker to crop your photo using some of Photoshop's other tools and features than it is to reach for the Crop tool every time you need a simple crop.

Step One. This is the method I probably use the most for cropping images of all kinds (primarily, when I'm not trying to make a perfect 5 x 7, 8 x 10, and so on. I'm basically just “eyeing” it). Start by pressing “m” to get the Rectangular Marquee tool. (I use this tool so much that I usually don't have to switch to it—maybe that's why I use this method all the time.) Drag out a selection around the area you want to keep (leaving all the other areas to be cropped away outside the selection), as shown.
Step Two. Go under the Image menu and choose Crop (as shown here).
Step Three. When you choose Crop, the image is immediately cropped (as shown). There are no crop handles and no dialogs—bang. It just gets cropped, down and dirty, and that's why I like it.
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