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Using the Crop Tool to Add More Canvas Area

I know the heading at left doesn't make much sense—using the Crop tool to add more canvas area? How can the Crop tool (which is designed to crop photos to a smaller size) actually make the canvas area (white space) around your photo larger? That's what I'm going to show you.

Step One. Open the image that you want to give additional blank canvas area. Press the letter “d” to set your Background color to its default color of white.
Step Two. Press Command-minus (PC: Control-minus) to zoom out a bit (so your image doesn't take up your whole screen), and then press the letter “f.” This lets you see the gray desktop area that surrounds your image (as shown at right).
Step Three. Press the letter “c” to switch to the Crop tool, and drag a cropping marquee border out to any random size, as shown here (it doesn't matter how big or little the marquee is at this point).
Step Four. Grab any one of the side or corner points and drag outside the image area, out into the gray desktop area that surrounds your image (as shown here). The area that your cropping border extends outside the image is the area that will be added as white canvas space, so position it where you want to add the blank canvas space.
Step Five. Just press the Return key (PC: Enter key) to finalize your crop, and when you do, the area outside of your image becomes white canvas area. In the example shown here, I added some text in the bottom canvas area. The top line is set in ITC Bradley Hand, and the bottom line is set in Trajan (from Adobe).
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