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Customizing Your Collection Views

After you import a still image or audio file into a collection, Movie Maker defaults to Thumbnails view, displaying each of these assets separately. For example, Figure 3.31 shows a collection of still images, each with its own thumbnail image.

In addition, when you import video into Movie Maker, you'll likely subdivide each video into separate clips using techniques discussed in "Creating Clips in Video Files" in Chapter 8. Once displayed in a collection, each clip will also have its own thumbnail image.

Though the thumbnails help, you're still confronted with multiple assets in each collection. Many times, particularly with video, it's helpful to rename clips in your collection so that you can find relevant clips more quickly during editing.

Movie Maker provides a Details view as well as a Thumbnails view, plus six different ways to sort content in each collection. All will be useful down the road when you're trying to find that one critical piece of content that will make or break your production.

To rename content in the collection

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click the text beneath the thumbnail twice slowly.
    • Click the thumbnail; then right-click and choose Rename.
    The text beneath the thumbnail becomes active ( Figure 3.34 ).

    Figure 3.34 Renaming clips and other content makes them easy to find during editing.

  2. Type the desired name and press Enter on your keyboard. Movie Maker renames the item ( Figure 3.35 ).

    Figure 3.35 Clip renamed.

To switch between Thumbnails and Details views

  1. On the main toolbar, click the Views button and choose Details ( Figure 3.36 ).

    Figure 3.36 Accessing the Details view.

    Movie Maker switches to Details view ( Figure 3.37 ).

    Figure 3.37 Details view.

To arrange icons in the collection

  1. On the main toolbar, click the Views button and choose Arrange Icons By ( Figure 3.38 ).

    Figure 3.38 You can sort collections using any of the parameters listed in this menu.

  2. Choose the desired parameter to arrange the icons. Movie Maker arranges the icons based upon the selected parameter.

To contract and expand branches on the collections tree

  1. To contract a branch, hiding it from view, click the minus sign to the left of the collection branch ( Figure 3.40 ).

    Figure 3.40 Close a branch by clicking the minus sign.

    Movie Maker contracts the branch ( Figure 3.41 ).

    Figure 3.41 Branch closed.

  2. To expand a branch, click the plus sign to the left of the collection branch ( Figure 3.42 ).

    Figure 3.42 Click the plus sign to reopen a branch.

    Movie Maker expands the branch ( Figure 3.43 ).

    Figure 3.43 There's the branch again.

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