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Customizing Movie Maker's Panes

One of Movie Maker's unique strengths is a highly flexible interface that you can customize for every phase of production. For example, when you're working with your collections, you can expand the Collections pane to show as many clips as possible. When editing, you can expand or shrink the Storyboard or Timeline to better suit your needs, or expand the Monitor to display your video larger than life.

Here's how it works. All four windows are separated by a thin blue line. Simply hover your pointer over the blue line, and it turns into a two-headed pointer you can use to drag and either expand or shrink the window.

Let's start with the screen shown in Figure 3.44 .


Figure 3.44 Let's make the Contents pane larger so we can see more pictures.

To adjust window size

  1. Hover your mouse over the blue line separating the two windows you want to adjust ( Figure 3.45 ).

    Figure 3.45 Hover the pointer over the blue line separating each pane, and it sprouts another arrow, indicating you can drag the pane.

    Your pointer changes to a two-headed arrow.
  2. Drag the window to the appropriate size.
  3. Repeat as desired. Movie Maker resizes the interface ( Figure 3.46 ). Note that I expanded the Collections pane to the maximum by dragging it down and to the right. Note how this shrinks the Monitor but expands the number of thumbnails available in the Storyboard.

    Figure 3.46 Ah, much more space for seeing what's in the Contents pane and renaming the pictures as necessary.

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