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File Management

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Mac OS uses folders to organize files and other folders on disk. You can create a folder, give it a name that makes sense to you, and move files and other folders into it. It's a lot like organizing paper files and folders in a file cabinet.

Mac OS X 10.4 support three different kinds of folders:

  • A standard folder is for manually storing files on disk. You create the folder, then move or copy items into it. Throughout this book, I'll use the term folder to refer to this kind of folder.
  • A smart folder works with Mac OS X 10.4's new integrated searching feature to automatically organize folders that meet specific search criteria. I explain how to work with Smart folders in Chapter 5.
  • A burn folder is for organizing items you want to save or "burn" onto a CD. I explain how to create and use burn folders later in this chapter.

To create a folder

  1. Choose File > New Folder ( Figure 25 ), or press shiftctrln.gif . A new untitled folder ( Figure 26 ) appears in the active window.

    Figure 25 Choose New Folder from the File menu.


    Figure 26 A new folder appears.

  2. While the edit box appears around the new folder's name ( Figure 26 ), type a name for it ( Figure 27 ) and press return.gif .

    Figure 27 Enter a name for the folder while the edit box appears around it.

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