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Creating Links

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The power of Websites as a unique medium comes from their capability to connect text and images with other documents through links that are not sequential or linear. The browser can highlight these regions (usually with color or underlines) to indicate that they are links.

A link in HTML has two parts: the name and path (or Uniform Resource Locator, URL) of the file to which you want to link and the text or graphic that serves as the clickable area. When the user clicks a link, the browser loads the linked document. In some browsers, the path of the link is displayed in the status area of the browser window (located in the lower-left part of the window) when the pointer is positioned over the link. Links can direct the user to other HTML files, images and other media, and downloadable files—you’ll work with text-based links in this lesson and continue to apply what you learn to other media as you progress through other lessons.

In this lesson, you’ll develop the initial framework of the site structure by developing placeholders for the pages in the Yoga Sangha project site. You’ll link these pages together using Dreamweaver’s visual site-mapping tools to create a working test site. Creating this kind of framework through pages and links in a bare but functional version of the site can help you test the navigation that you have developed. Testing the proposed site structure before creating the design will help you catch fundamental problems at the beginning of development, enabling you to address them more efficiently.

To see an example of the finished pages, view the files in the Lesson_03_Links/Completed folder.

What You Will Learn

In this lesson, you will:

  • Specify link colors according to the link state
  • Create links in text to other documents
  • Use anchors to jump to different parts of the page
  • Create e-mail links
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