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Getting Help

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Navigating in Help Center

Find your way around Help Center by using web-like navigation. Help Center's toolbar, or navigation bar, looks and works like Internet Explorer's standard toolbar.

To navigate by clicking links:

  1. On the Help Center home page, click a link below Pick a Help Topic. Help Center displays a subtopic list.
  2. Keep clicking links to burrow to the topic you're looking for ( Figure 3.2 ).

    Figure 3.2 To get here from the home page, I clicked Windows Basics > Core Windows Tasks > Customizing Your Desktop. The hierarchy of choices lets me drill down into the help system until I find the relevant help page.

To navigate by using the navigation bar:

  • On the navigation bar click the following buttons:

    Back (or press Alt+left arrow) or

    Forward (Alt+right arrow) to move through recently viewed topics.

    Home (Alt+H) to return to Help Center's home page.

    Index (Alt+N) to search by keyword.

    Favorites (Alt+A) to view help pages that you've saved. To save a help page, click Add to Favorites (just above the topic panel). These Favorites aren't the same ones as in Internet Explorer.

    History (Alt+Y) to view pages that you've read during this help session.

    Support (Alt+U) to launch Remote Assistance, contact a Microsoft support person, or visit Windows newsgroups.

    Options (Alt+O) to set your own preferences for the help system ( Figure 3.3 ).


    Figure 3.3 You can change the appearance of the navigation bar.

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