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Customizing Help Center

Help Center's settings page lets you specify how to search and how to display results.

To set search options:

  1. Click Options > Set Search Options (in the left panel) ( Figure 3.6 ).
  2. Set your choices in Set Search Options, working from Table 3.1.

    Table 3.1. Help Center Search Options



    Return up to __ Results Per Provider

    Type the number of results per category to show. The default is 15.

    Turn on Search Highlight

    Checked: Highlight search phrases in result pages (refer to Figure 3.5).
    Unchecked: Show results without highlighting.

    Suggested Topics

    Checked: Sort results by relevance by comparing your search phrase with a database of keywords.
    Unchecked: Sort results alphabetically.

    Full-Text Search Matches

    Checked: Show any document containing your search phrase.
    Unchecked: Searches are confined by other criteria (such as Suggested Topics).

    Search in Title Only

    Checked: Limit searches to topic titles and ignore body text.
    Unchecked: Search entire documents.

    Match Similar Words

    Checked: Search for alternative and approximate forms of words (network and networking).
    Unchecked: Searches for only the exact terms entered (not case-sensitive).

    Microsoft Knowledge Base

    Checked: Include a search of Microsoft's vast keyword-oriented database of technical articles.
    Unchecked: Don't search the Knowledge Base. Uncheck if you're not connected to the internet.

    –All Microsoft Products–

    Select a single Microsoft product to search on from a giant drop-down list or search on all Microsoft products (default).

    Search for:

    All of the Words: Show only documents that contain all your search terms. Any of the Words: Display all documents that contain any of your search terms. The Exact Phrase: Show all documents that contain your search terms in the order in which you give them (same as enclosing the phrase in quotes). The Boolean Phrase: Use the AND, OR, NOT, and NEAR operators in search phrases. (internet NOT explorer finds topics related to the internet but not to Microsoft's browser, for example.)

    Search in Title Only

    Checked: Ignore body text (within the Knowledge Base).
    Unchecked: Search body text (within the Knowledge Base).


Figure 3.6 Help Center shows up to 15 results per category by default. You may want to increase this limit and accept longer internet searches.

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