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Self-Guided Tour of the Web

Now that you know how web pages are put together, go back to the web and notice these things:

  • Find a page where the text bumps up against the left edge. Is it appealing? What would you do to make the page more appealing and the text easier to read?
  • Find a page with an unacceptable background. What is your immediate impression when you come across a page like that?
  • Find a page that has an icon for a missing graphic. Why might the graphic be missing?
  • Look for this address: Did you get a message? Why did you get that message?
  • Find a table with the borders showing.
  • Find a page where it is obvious the designer used tables, even though the borders are not showing. How can you tell?
  • Find a page or two where the designer probably should have used tables. How would tables have made it a better page?
  • Find several email links. Do you find any email links that you don’t know are for email until you click them or check their address in the status bar?
  • Find several pages with anchors (links that jump you to somewhere else on the same page, instead of to another page).
  • Find at least two external links and two internal links. How can you tell whether they are external (remote) or internal (local)?
  • Find a page with several frames. Spend some time there and poke around. Notice how frames are not like tables! What do you think?
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