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It Can Be This Easy

Okay okay already, let’s do it. These directions might not be specific to your particular software, but you’ll find equivalent features somewhere in your package.

  1. First, make and name a folder in which to store mermaidsfolder.jpg this practice web site.
  2. Open your web authoring software.
  3. From the File menu, choose “New Page.”
  4. Type a headline on the page.
  5. Hit Return or Enter and type a paragraph of information.
  6. Hit Return or Enter and type another paragraph of information. Hit Return or Enter. (Does this process sound familiar?)
  7. Type a sentence that includes an email address, such as “If you have nice things to say, please respond to”
  8. Type the text that you want to link to another page, such as “The Life of a Mermaid.” Hit Return or enter.
  9. Save the page into your folder. In the next chapter we’ll discuss appropriate file names and titles. For now, just save it.

Your page will look something like the one shown on the following page—boring and pretty ugly, but it’s a web page. We’ll add more to this.

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