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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Lesson Review

  1. How do you split a region in the Timeline?
  2. What types of regions can be joined in the Timeline?
  3. Which corner do you drag on a region to trim (resize)?
  4. Which corner do you drag to extend a region as a loop segment?
  5. Which project properties can you set when creating a new song?
  6. What are the default time signature, project key, and tempo?
  7. How can you change a project’s tempo in the time display?
  8. What determines the length of a single-take Software Instrument recording?
  9. What determines the length of a multipass Software Instrument recording?
  10. Where do you change the GarageBand settings so the metronome plays during both recording and playback?


  1. Select the region, move the playhead to the position where you’d like to split, and press Cmd-T, or choose Edit > Split.
  2. You can join any recorded regions together, or join loop regions that come from the same original loop.
  3. Drag the lower-right corner to trim (resize) a region.
  4. Drag the upper-right corner to extend a region as a loop segment.
  5. Tempo, Time (time signature), and Key.
  6. The default time signature is 4/4 (four beats per measure), project key is C, and tempo is 120.
  7. You can change a project tempo by clicking the Tempo portion of the time display and adjusting the Tempo slider.
  8. A single-take Software Instrument recording starts when the first note event is pressed during recording, and ends when you stop recording.
  9. Multipass recordings use a cycle region to determine the length of the recording.
  10. You can change the metronome settings in the GarageBand General Preferences.
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