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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Changing Project Tempo

Tempo is pacing—the pulse or speed of the song—and it affects how the song sounds and feels. Software Instruments and Apple Loops automatically change tempo to match the project. A project’s tempo is always visible on the right side of the time display.

  1. Locate the time display at the bottom of the window.

    The time display shows the tempo as 100 bpm (beats per minute).

    Before changing the project’s tempo, let’s solo the Jazz Kit for Timing track to hear it along with the Steel String Acoustic track.

  2. On the Jazz Kit for Timing track, click the Solo button (looks like headphones).

    Now both soloed tracks will be audible, and the unsoloed tracks will remain silent.

  3. Play the song from the beginning to hear the Jazzy Rock Drums 01 region along with the guitar (Grand Piano) region.
  4. While the song is playing, click the Tempo portion of the time display and drag the Tempo slider upward to the highest position.

    Whoa! This tempo is wide awake and in a serious musical hurry.

    I couldn’t play the song that fast on a piano or guitar if I wanted to. Chances are you won’t build a lot of projects at the tempo of 240 bpm, which is the fastest setting.

    Now let’s try the opposite end of the Tempo slider.

  5. Continue playing the song, or start again from the beginning if needed.
  6. Drag the Tempo slider to the lowest, slowest level of 40 bpm.

    How does it sound? Slow? Relaxed? Comatose? 40 bpm is slow even for a really slow song. It also sounds like someone learning how to play a part one…note…at…a…time.

  7. Change the Tempo slider back to 100 bpm and listen to the first measure or two from the beginning.

    This is the speed the song was intended to be. Clearly there are many variations in tempo you can choose for your projects. The default tempo for a new song is 120 bpm.

  8. Pause playback.
  9. Press Cmd-S to save the final changes to the project.

Now that you’ve had a chance to work with a Software Instrument recording, it’s time to record a region of your own.

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