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Gathering Image and Sound Files for Your Powerpoint Presentation

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Tom Negrino offers suggestions for using images, sounds, and even video clips to enhance your presentations. He also explains how to find images and talks a bit about using sound in PowerPoint slideshows.
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Now that you’ve written your presentation outline, I’ll let you in on a secret: The hardest part of creating your presentation is behind you. From this point, you’re adding more elements to the presentation to add impact to the story you’re telling and making the slides look good. But before we plunge into the nitty-gritty of changing the look of your slides, there’s still one more important bit of planning to do. You need to decide what parts of your presentation will be enhanced with the addition of pictures and media files such as sounds and video. We’ve all seen PowerPoint presentations where the speaker threw in pictures and sounds seemingly at random, and that tends to turn audiences off. A quick review of your slides helps you avoid this pitfall.

In this chapter, we’ll figure out where images, sounds, and even video clips could enhance your presentation, find images, and talk a bit about using sound in PowerPoint slideshows.

Review Your Slides

For the first time, we’re going to look at material on the slides, rather than in the outline, with an eye to deciding where we want to add images or sounds. You’ll need a notepad or scratch paper to take notes as you browse the slides.

On Mac, you’ll use the Normal View as is, working with the Outline and Slide panes.

Using the Previous Slide and Next Slide buttons, browse through your slides, and as you re-read the contents of each slide, think about what pictures you could add to the slide that would help your audience better grasp your message. Some slides won’t need any help from images; others will benefit from an added image. For example, on the slide in my presentation about the Training Facility, a picture of the facility would be helpful, because it’s a good-looking facility.

As you browse, jot down notes with the slide number and what sorts of images, sound files, or even video clips you could add that would enhance the slide.

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